Anxiety Treatment

Struggling with negative feelings or worries about your job? Working for a toxic boss? Bored with your career? Feeling unfulfilled or overwhelmed with responsibilities? You CAN do something about it.

Anxiety Treatment
Is Work Anxiety, Stress or Burnout Endangering Your Career or Health?

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." - Tori Amos

You know it's time to make a change, but you don't know where to turn. If workplace stress, boredom, anxiety or burnout are issues for you, you are not alone. Many studies show that job burnout and job concerns are one of the worst stresses Americans face. In fact, according to the American Institute for Stress, workplace stress including job insecurity, juggling work and home and heart attacks have all gotten worse in recent years.

Or, are you exhausted from the stresses and demands of your work? Fatigued from the pace and pressures of today's impermanent jobs? Ready to chuck doing one more type of resume? Are you midlife or 50 or beyond and showing signs of burnout, such as panic or generalized anxiety that you haven't had before? Or have you had a history of mild to moderate anxiety and now it's worse?

Are you established enough in your work now that it's time to give more attention to family relationships, but you don't know how to make that happen given the demands of that work?

Perhaps lucky you, you have financial security but you are bored out of your mind with your current job or career.

Either are out of balance. Too little or too much stress is experienced as unhealthy and baby, you are there.

While you may dream of creating a work life that better 'fits' you now, real life issues like paying the bills, putting the kids through college and saving for retirement keeps you stuck and feeling hopeless about things ever changing. Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself, “If I could just do what I love while still earning a comfortable living, then I would feel so much happier, healthier and more fulfilled.”

Particularly if you are single or the primary breadwinner in your family – there is no one behind you so you accept the inflexibility of a job that doesn’t allow you to do the things you need to do to improve your health, such as taking time to recharge, plan your healthcare, see doctors you want to see and take a real vacation of more than a week, once or twice a year.

Meanwhile, workplace anxiety leaves you dreading each day, as one bleeds into the next, with no hope for change.

When you are completely honest with yourself, you admit you ARE ready for a life change. You have a creative soul, and long to strike out on your own to do something more purposeful than feeding the corporate machine: something that not only allows you to live your passion, but also to give you more flexibility in your schedule so you can create and cultivate a slower pace of living and working that nurtures you physically and mentally.

If you were guaranteed success, you know you are simply “meant for more” than what you have settled into. But you ask yourself: Is it too late to break out of the traditional business world and create your own path? What about all the obstacles standing in your way?

Career Anxiety Affects Lots Of Very Successful, Talented, Hard Working, Creative People

Many people don’t believe they have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a job or career. In this cutthroat economy, the jobs that allow you to live comfortably aren’t necessarily the ones we enjoy. And those who don’t ‘get you’ tend to think you are just being rebellious or resistant to what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing.

Perhaps you are someone who has climbed the ladder of success in your field, and now you are at the top (or near it), but the industry you are in pressures you to the point, you don't have the personal freedom you need to sustain your mental health?

More often than not, people face anxiety and perhaps even depression when they work in a position that doesn’t allow them to use their talents and gifts, even if the position pays well. But money, as they say, can’t buy happiness or meaning. It’s up to us to create that, but sometimes our circumstances can make that difficult.

While you may feel unsatisfied with your current job position, you may be so used to doing it that you’re not confident you can do something else. You've become confident in your ability to do what you do. It would be risky to let that go and start anew elsewhere. Trying something new is challenging and sometimes scary – especially if you are at an age where maybe you feel “too old” to learn new tricks. Many people in your shoes never take the leap because they are too afraid to fail – and trying to get hired again can be difficult when ageism is so rampant in the workplace.

Take it from someone who has been there: you can face this career anxiety head-on and create the work life you’ve always imaged.

Lastly, perhaps change is happening TO you. Talk about anxiety! Employers today expand and decrease their employee structures right and left. Today's workplaces are becoming more project-based, replacing jobs with salaries and benefits with contractual opportunities. For example: have you been laid off recently or are you concerned you might be?

All of these workplace scenarios increase anxiety. But this environment can also be part of your solution!

Stress and Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Change Your Life

I am living proof that it is not impossible to achieve your goals: I left home during a family crisis at eighteen years old, and was basically thrown into the deep end of a pool with no choice but to swim, or drown. As I made my way through college, graduate school and the work world, I discovered I am not wired for climbing up the corporate ladder – some people are natural leaders in that environment - nor was I the type of detail-oriented student to excel as a researcher, academic type.

I realized early on that I am a healer. I work best thinking on my feet and using research and “real world” experiences in helping others. Perhaps you have had similar revelations about yourself: you know that you have much to offer society, but need the right context to do it – while making a prosperous life at the same time. Being paid more for your true value, for example.

I help people discover their brilliance and bring it forth to heal the world. I help healers share their talents in ways the workplace needs and must pay more to get.  I understand that many people are pushed into “cogs and wheels” in order to survive. That not only squashes their brilliance; it can cause burnout and/or boredom, which can be even worse.

I help my clients develop the emotional and behavioral resilience needed to achieve their goals in today's marketplace. I help my clients learn to trust themselves so that they can serve the marketplace in ways their hearts are calling them to do, in ways that don't sacrifice the foundation of what keeps them excelling 'on the job'. You know, foundational elements like high quality sleep, rest, exercise, time away from the job, diet, satisfying relationships.

All of this might seem impossible right now, but you can transition from the imbalanced work life you are living now into a work life that you control.  Work how you want, when you want and deliver better to your clients and customers than you ever have.  

I will help you learn how to take wisdom from your early years of a career into a new, creative business that leaves the world better than you found it!

My approach to therapy is solution-focused. This means that we talk about what you want to see happen. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you: your anxiety is really the excitement of being alive! Your anxiety is a sign of your courage. I will help you channel that excitement and courage.

Everyone has their own expertise about something, and I can help you get to know yourself better to fit in the world: what you’re good at, what you like, and how to cultivate it. Ultimately, our sessions will enable you to become more of who you are, and who you were meant to be. Workplace anxiety doesn’t have to define the rest of your life – a workable solution is possible.

You May Have Some Concerns About Career Stress, Burnout and Anxiety Counseling…

"I had therapy before, but it didn’t work for me."

It’s possible that, in your prior therapy experiences, you lacked a genuine connection with your therapist. I don’t act like a clichéd automaton. I am not the type of therapist who stays aloof. I engage with you fully in every session. I bring my own story and wisdom into my practice, which makes me very relatable to clients. You won’t feel like you’re talking to a therapist, necessarily, but rather a mentor helping you on your journey.

"Isn’t anxiety therapy or expensive?"

Unlike a new pair of shoes, the skills you will learn in my session won’t ever fade over time or go out of style: they will stay with you for life, enabling you to create a better future. Don’t think of counseling as a purchase, but rather as an investment in creating the life you want.

I also take some insurance plans which can help you with the cost.

"I’m afraid to make that leap and do something different with my life."

That is a perfectly legitimate fear – one that I understand very well and one you will need to work through. But if you stay in the same place, you’ll never know what could have been. Career anxiety counseling can help you find the strength to make that leap and discover what you are capable of.

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