Anxiety and Health Care: Follow the Money

I'm going to be writing lots of posts about the influence of the almighty dollar on our quality of life, especially on our mental health. Take anxiety, for example. The situation regarding health care in our country is dire, creating higher levels of anxiety than ever for most of us. And this is not unrealistic worry or abnormal panic even.  

Pile that anxiety on top of us who already suffer from anxiety disorders and you have a recipe for high stress.

Most of us - due to employers and health insurance companies putting more and more of the costs of insurance and medical care back on the individual and family - are in some level of medical debt.  Many of us struggle to even continue our premiums so that we can carry health insurance.

How did we get into this insanity?

Enter one of my favorite guys, Wendell Potter.  I first learned of Wendell's story hearing from him on MSNBC back in the days prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, when he was educating and warning us then that 'Obamacare' was a start but was still way too much of a 'give away' to insurance companies.  

Wendell quit his cushy executive job in the insurance industry to give back to Americans in a very powerful way.  Last year Wendell started Tarbell, an investigative journalism effort designed to cut through the levels of deception all around us - in our politicians, lobbyists, media, social media, advertising and more.

Want to sample the power of Wendell's knowledge?  Be sure to read his article on how the pharmaceutical industry is using negative and unhealthy tactics to take away our power of the purse.  The pharmaceutical industry is not our friend, folks.

The sooner we get the facts and hold politicians feet to the fire on this sort of financial corruption, the sooner they can change our laws to help you have a better chance to afford your medical expenses.