Are You Netflix Addicted?

I don't even know exactly when 'it' happened.  Maybe a couple of years ago when I couldn't wait for the next episode of FX Fearless' The Strain.  Back then you had to wait a week in between episodes, just like the networks historically did, back in the day.  And, back then, I only subscribed to one movie streaming service and it wasn't a major one.  On that one I rarely paid for a movie; instead I collected rewards via a credit card and once I earned enough I'd cash in, making me again...wait!

However, around the same time I'd introduced another hidden 'slippery slope': To stream cable in my bedroom, I purchased Roku, and through that I'd discovered a channel that introduced me to the 'sticky' idea that has really made 'it' happen: releasing all of a series episodes at once!  OMG!  A few I fell in love back then (that I remember) were Power, The Start Up and Dennis Quaid in The Art of More.

And then there is always HBO, which has gotten pretty good with getting the 'latest greatest' movies out pretty quickly.

However, in the last year or so, I increased my use...I added...Netflix!

The coup de grace!

Where is the nearest Netflix' Anonymous group???  I am serious...

About a week ago I realized how hooked I'd become.  I made the joke: I was going to write the book: How Netflix Made Me Fatter! No, I don't usually sit and snack watching the shows, I don't need to, to put on weight.  Instead I will sit instead of moving - such as lifting some hand weights, riding a bike or going to pickleball. say?  Barb admitting she is skipping her beloved pickleball???

So many signs of dependence here!

Well, for me I hope I don't have to become stone cold sober.  I am hoping to adopt controlled Neflix use!  As Ellen Page's character in Tales of the City calls it, a 'digital cleanse'.  So here's my plan: just like children need around electronic's use, I set a rule for myself: If I decide to sit down in the evening to unwind, down time my mind, and watch a movie, documentary or series, I will set a two hour timer.  When that goes off, the Netflix goes off.

So now, instead of the binge, I will have to wait another day or so to continue Grace and Frankie, and whatever else I am in the middle of.  Or haven't discovered yet!

I'll keep you posted!  Hope you'll share your struggles with electronics use below.