Barb Elgin's Pickleball Updates: Congratulations to Charm City Pickleballers who played at Dover, Delaware this past weekend

I wanted to give a speical shout out to all my buds who play with Charm City Pickleball (CCPB).  I started CCPB in 2016 and it's happily grown by leaps and bounds.  This new year, I handed the reigns over to a new leadership committee and things seem to be going swimmingly.  

CCPB has many fine players of all ages 18 and up.  Eighty I believe is their oldest member to date.  

I want to wish CCPB the best as I've moved on to focus on my business which really needed to happen and open up time to play more myself.  For example, I have two tournaments coming up this month: The Mayor's Pickleball Tournament in Annapolis, Maryland and a tournament in New Jersey, where I will be teaming up with one of my colleagues, pickleball instructor Joe Palmere.

Pickleball is an amazing type of exercise that doesn't 'feel like' exercise.  If you are like me, and you've spent your life attempting to sustain 'working out' and 'going to gyms' but secretly detesting it, you might want to try pickleball.  You can play two-three hours straight, work up a sweat and it is so much fun.  And - because of the doubles format, you are also socializing while you play and that is one of the dimensions that makes pickleball THE hottest and fastest growing sport in America right now!

MUCH more to come on the pickleball front.  As you know, physical exercise is not only good for the body, it is also vital for a happy, healthy brain.