Barb's Blog 2/28/19

While most often my posts will highlight a nugget that I feel rising up from my inner self, heart or whatever you call it, sometimes I will get more personal and share what I've been up to.

Especially for those of you who are on your own freelance or self employment journey you will relate, and perhaps grab an idea or two.  And for those of you caught up in the whirlwind that is the job world these days, maybe you will better feel and even perhaps, be drawn to a slower, more satisfying way of structuring your work, life and play.

I woke up this AM after a very restful sleep.  With two little chihuahuas curled around me.  They are, by the way, staying extra close to me the past couple days, since they returned from the boarder!

Sleep, ahhh.  Sleep is something so overlooked by so many of us, to our peril.  I did earlier on in my adulthood too: cheat myself of consistent, high quality sleep.  Now I always assess my client's sleep patterns and help them shift if/when necessary.

One of the first things I did this AM was take the dogs for a nice, long walk. It's brisk outside, and sunny, but not too hot or cold. We've discovered some of the less traveled grounds in my apartment complex and the girls love it.  Venturing out and doing this is so healthy for them and I and was something I really struggled to make part of a routine when I was rushing around.  

Last night was one of the high lights of my week: playing in the Charm City Pickleball ladder league.  Had a great time with my ladder mates: Laura, Brenda and Steve!  Three games, two of the three nail biters and lots of great exercise.

I note that I feel less pain lately.  And I make note of why: is it the glucosamine sulfate I've been taking (since learning that is the most effective form according to the studies)?  Is it the neck traction and 'adjustments' I've been receiving at my physical therapists? Or is it me focusing on eating lots of salads with less meat and dairy?  Exercise?  Or is it being so happy to be able to live life as I love it?

Most likely, like therapy and coaching methods, it's the 'combination' or synergy of all I'm doing mind, body and spirit that is helping me feel less chronic pain.

I celebrate feeling good. Or as the seniors around me like to quip: better being on this side of the grass!

The other big deal for me is the increase in energy I'm feeling lately.  At times these last few years I've really 'gotten tired of being so tired'.  I've struggled since moving home to Baltimore with lots of fatigue.  Yes, it's partly the extra weight I'm carrying around I'm sure  But it's also I'm sure been a result of other factors like mental health (anxiety and stress), allergies and my breathing challenges as well as aging issues.

This past week I had the good fortune of spending some time in Florida with my dad.  He drove down for a week (currently in fact he's driving back to Baltimore, after including an item on his 'bucket list' he informed me: visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame Museum).  Our plans shifted when his brother learned he wouldn't be joining us, but we still had a great time, attending Towson University Alumni's Annual Crab Feasts and Orioles Preseason Openers in Sarasota.  In fact, I was counting, I think this was our 7th one.  We used to go every year when I lived in Florida. 

Thanks, by the way, to Alexis Demski, for helping to hold such a fine event, as well as her colleague, whose name I didn't get.  I learned, by the way, that Alexis is the daughter of a guy I went to Loch Raven High School with and I played softball as a teen with her aunt!  Small-ti-more!  Towson University is my undergraduate school and is known nationally as one of the top state public universities and is growing by leaps and bounds.

What I'm Learning on My Life Journey...

Your mental attitude strongly 'colors' your feelings.  And environment is important.  If you aren't happy where you are, it's much harder to 'love the one you're with'.  It can be done though and I encourage you to cultivate such acceptance as you also continue to shape a life you love.  Don't give in. Continue to do the 'serene' thing: change what you can, accept what you can't and get wise about identifying the difference!

I know that, for me, at this stage of life I needed (not wanted even) to change course.  Hence, the life I'm creating working from a home office, mixing my virtual work with my in person work so that I can work more efficiently and effectively.  I am hopeful this can help me sustain my working life as long as I need it to be.

Yes, there is still much to do, but no pressure, it will naturally unfold I remind myself: I probably work more hours now than I would if I worked a 9 to 5 and money is tighter.  But I am 'playing within myself', I'm doing great work with clients, creating projects I love and I feel centered and healthy doing so. That's as they say: priceless.

I wish for you a great Friday and even better weekend.  See you soon!

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