Barb's Top Three Time Management Secrets

If you know me, you know I tend to focus on 'meaty' things - work, politics, pickleball, my chihuahuas, family, spirituality.  Hence, I am usually in a positive mental flow. Or after so much of being so 'engaged' in my life, I am tuned out/recharging.  Even then I am probably caught laughing away, such as at an episode of 'Real Time'.

As a result, my 'achilles heel' (and we all have them), is to forget about time, at times!

Through trial and error then, I've needed to become better at these three top secrets to better managing my time.  Hard won, I thought I would share them with you, so perhaps you save years of suffering:

1. There is less time than you think - It has taken me over five decades to truly 'get' this and I am still working on perfecting it behaviorally.  Maybe it's my 'fun' personality to be able to entertain myself so that I easily lose track of time. Sometimes (actually most of the time) this 'trait' has been a blessing as anyone will tell you I am a happy sort.  But, folks different from me - the time keepers of the world especially - can become frustrated with me.  I am practicing most of the time keeping this secret in mind and guiding my decisions as such.

2.  Most things take longer than you think - Biggie!  Huge realization for me.  Yes, I know, I didn't really 'feel' the results of living otherwise until I realized my first online business was taking too much time for not enough pay, back in around 2010.

3.  You have an inalienable right to use your time as you wish - So, so true.  No one should ever feel compelled to live their life by someone else's time schedule and rules.  So negotiate and make commitments wisely. This secret comes with great responsibility. You need to practice secrets #1 and #2 above to be able to use this secret most fully.  #3 is also a secret you MUST give adequate weight to because your happiness depends on it.