Beginning My Journey to Sustainable Living and Working

One thing I've learned as an under-valued, under-paid but still very caring, effective and happy helper, is that I am every bit as entitled to take charge of my life as the higher paid 'VIP' folks.  And I mean truly take charge.  I don't mean falling under the spell of today's current work world.  Or accepting the lot of massive traffic jams, endless corporate rules and regulations, golden handcuffs/salaries and the 'keeping up with the Joneses' lifestyles that go with them.  

I am reminded however that those with more just have more problems.  Therein lies the rub.  Oh the irony!  You see, there is such a happy freedom associated with the simpler life I have chosen to live.

So, if you are tired of the trance of the tech as I call it.

What about re-designing your life to make work, work around you and not you around it?

Beyond the simple surface of declaring the above, however, THIS is a radical statement.

When ever has the common man or woman been able to be so bold.  How dare I?

Not often I'll bet, especially not today, when there is a shrinking middle class and intentional or not the oligarchy we have become is sapping us.

Talk about scary.

So when I started to notice my physical capabilities changing about 8 or so years ago (yes right around age 50), I had to get real with myself. I couldn't work like a machine any more.  I could no longer keep the pace of what the world (at least in many corners) is becoming.  Some would then say: you just need to get 'healthier' so you can keep up. And, I worked at that.  And I still do.  But it's not enough.  Lacking in this world today where technology is gaining prominence is ACCEPTANCE.  Acceptance of limits and respect for one's personal, private boundaries.  And I am NOT referring to those folks who worry about their second amendment gun rights.  I am talking about more vital things like having a healthy life, first and foremost.  Thriving and not just 'surviving' as the cliche says.

My journey to a more sustainable lifestyle that works for me began then. 

INTRIGUED?  We'll be talking a lot more about this topic!  Stay tuned!  We especially will be talking about finances including learning how to live more simply AND fighting for the changes in our environment (re: housing prices, insurance prices) that ensure we can live as we wish and not have to cow tow to the VIP's.  Did that statement make you chuckle???  I hope so...eventually we'll have lots of VIP's wanting our lives, not the other way around!