Beware the Commodity Beast

I've been laboring (with lots of love which also means blood, sweat, tears, indecision, etc. etc. too) to create my new website, which you are reading this post on.  Unearthing I call it, just what exactly IS the purpose of my work at this time.  I've loved the software I'm using, it's called Site123 and I researched and found them on my own last year when I knew I was going to be creating a new website.

It was confirmed for me yesterday that the template software Site123 uses is pretty awesome when one of my vendors called on me to follow up said he thought my site was built using one of the most popular website building platforms in the world! Cool eh?  

Now I chose Site123 due to it's ease of use.  I've used lots of different types of website building software over the years, but this time, in line with my theme of 'going simple', Site123 fits for me, at least at this point in the business-building process.

I'll keep you posted on my process.  One of the things I'm noticing with this software is that if you are someone who is, like me, unearthing what is supposed to be shared in the world, it's great for that because you can very easily write, right in the software!  And easily make changes.

Speaking of which, the larger point of today's post was to share what I discovered while editing one of my website pages today: the idea that in today's marketplace, commodity is king.  Of course you are the queen, so you come from a different belief about reality: while you respect the king, you don't like all you see (and have experienced) within this style.  If you had your chance, you'd do it differently.  Enter...freelancing!

What do I mean by commoditize?

As a small business owner in my industry I know that, to get greater control of my time and money, I need to evade the jaws of the commodity beast!  If I don't, I get 'eaten' and I become, basically: over worked and under paid!  That's what the corporate 'beast' wants to make of you.  

Now, some of us are fine with working for the king.  In fact, there are usually times in everyone's life when serving the king is just.  LOL.  However, you and I both know what it feels like to labor for a king.  HA!  I am not being selfish here either: what do you 'give up' when you buy from (or work for) the king? start with...

  • Workers give up their heart and souls (AKA 'self respect', 'creativity')
  • Buyers often give up or lose out on personalized service needed and/or wanted

Now if you are making or buying a thing, that might not be as soul sapping.  However, when it comes to services, the consequences can range from soul sapping to life altering (or worse)!

Thus, when it comes to services, queens rule!

For example: this past year a series of events led me to leave the corporate world and a group practice to become my own boutique practice.  In the process of doing so I am wise to not 'put all my eggs in one basket'.  I have to take care of myself.  So right now, while I am growing the more personalized end of my services, I do work a bit with the king.  But only as much as I have to as I become more free of 'JAWS'!  LOL....

But you know where I'm focusing my creative juices, right?  On my more personalized services!

Because I am almost 60, I've worked extremely hard for decades and I have a lot of expertise and wisdom to share.  Because I am recovering from 40 years of hard work in private/competitive markets (never much slack time off for me sadly, say, with a government job or being a kept woman! HA!),  I NEED a more flexible work schedule and healthier work/life balance.  

Can you blame me?  And, in the end who also wins: my clients.  Because I win too.  I get and stay healthier and happier. 

Win-Win, that's the Queen's Way!

More to come on this and other business success issues.