Communication and Politics - Part I

21 Jul

So I am launching a series of posts on the topic of communication and politics.

I know am I crazy?  Maybe...but let's talk about why that statement is not one to use when talking with someone else about the topic!

Crazy.  Crazy is a word that can be used so many ways.  When you are using it about yourself it can be okay.  Unless you are taking it literally.  As in, your self esteem is low and you name call yourself and you feel even worse as a reslut.

The same is true almost always when using this word about others.  Very dicey.

When it comes to communicating with others on the topic of politics, there are some tried, researched and proven strategies you can use so as not to lose your cool, get into an argument or 'drive yourself crazy'.

I hope to talk at length on this topic, given it's relevancy in our public American discourse.  Given we are heading into another presidential election.  And given we as a country seem to be more at odds with each other than ever.  Some talking heads, for example, fear we are literally, as a country, at risk of heading into another civil war.

Really?  Is it this bad?

Well, time will tell, but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and prepare ahead of time for political discussions.

One strategy that many use to their advantage is avoidance.  They just have an agreement - with themselves and/or others - to not engage in politics, either in person, in their social media, etc.  This is quite savvy actually.  It shows a level of restraint, given they know how they can be misconstrued and relationships can suffer.

For those of us more boisterous however, this 'silence' around discussing politics is frustrating.  We are the ones who want to engage, who want to discuss.  Less restraint, perhaps but also admirable: after all, the political IS personal.  

Going back to that word crazy.  Why is it not really a word to use in communication?  Because it has a negative connotation.  It's a vague, judgmental word.  It can be used to generalize.  It's not a soft start up word, when discussing politics with another person.

Stay tuned for more tips on less stressful, more successful communication with the important others in your life!

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