Don't let the trolls on Facebook take over; speak up for what you believe

When it comes to politics, I know many run from it, but, regardless of the 'risks', I run towards it.  Why?

If there is something the hippies in the 60's and the women's movements have taught us, it's this: the personal IS political.

What does that simple statement mean?  A LOT.

I will tell you this: while many Americans have been sticking their heads in the sand, others - specifically the religious right - have been piercing the veil the founders of our country set up called the separation of church and state.

That one thing should concern the hell out of you.

Since the 1970's when Jerry Falwell and his ilk started mixing religion with politics the religious right has built a powerful POLITICAL lobby with lots of influence in Washington, D.C. and in state and local governments around the country.  And in the judiciary as well.  

Well, you say, what's the problem with that Barb?

Well the problem is that our country's founders didn't want this and you don't either.  Fundamentalist Christians (not liberal, progressive Christians) are a danger to freedom of religion in the USA.  How am I so sure?  Well, for one thing, they are the ones not seeming to care about the rights of non-Christians.  In fact, their view of the world breaks it down into two simple categories: born again christians (them) and the rest of us.  And secondly, they project: who is fighting for 'freedom of religion' in politics?  Them, not the rest of us.  

Take the case of the gay wedding cakes.  Fundamentalists lost the battle on marriage equality, however, they are not giving up. Now they have introduced various 'freedom of religion' laws, designed NOT for the majority but for them, a minority!  Look it up. The more these laws take hold, the LESS public and possibly personal rights the rest of us will have.  The more these laws get on the books, the more others will be able to discriminate against all of us in housing, accommodations and more.  Scary!

Recently I happened to watch a movie on the Rapture, which I said I'd never do.  But I did one snowy Saturday.  Do you even know what 'the Rapture' is? Look it up if you don't.  It's a tenet of the fundamentalist's faith.  And something they use to scare folks to 'get religion'.

And, by the way, I am not against religion.  But I deeply believe religion is a very personal matter and every American should feel free to explore spiritual traditions and pick the one they most desire, not one they are coerced to join out of fear.  The last thing I believe a creator would want is for one of his/her creations to choose out of fear or social or legal pressure.

I also watched a documentary last night on Scientology and have loved Leah Remini's series on the same.  No, I am not saying Scientologists are much of a threat.  They probably aren't as their weird ways are coming more to light and their church seems to be declining in followers.  Scientology is an obvious 'cult'.  

But I would argue that today's fundamental Christianity has cult'ish elements.  Many of us have witnessed this in our families.

So now you know my bias.  And when I get into a discussion on Facebook, most of my friends there know where I stand.  But a new friend or two will sometimes challenge that.  Some of my newer pickleball buddies for example.

I have a new friend like that who 'trolls' my discussions.  I was shocked at first when he started commenting on my anti-Trump posts.  And here is where Trump is a problem when it comes to the separation of church: he is using the religious right and they are using him.

Those friends on my list who stay too silent need to realize:  Trump and the religious right are a dangerous combination.  Consider that the next time you vote for president.

And when I try to engage a friend like this on Facebook, he or she usually 'takes their ball and goes home'. They are too emotional in an angry way to even discuss.  So I call them a 'part of the problem, not the solution'.

And this is why I run TOWARDS the political fires~