Following My Bliss, Want to Join Me?

Never mistake a woman's softness for weakness.  
Feminine power is both courageous and compassionate.  
Dare to lead from the heart in all you do. 
- Christine Arylo

For those who wonder how I 'get and stay' happy, today's 'schedule' is typical of me walking my path or 'following my bliss'. 

Don't be fooled.  My path is my own walk of courage, as the world often judges it.

At this point in this life, if I could boil down into a few words just what it is, that is my purpose - my reason for still being here - I would have to say: it's continuing to build a closer and closer relationship with myself in the service of helping others do the same.  You see, that process never ends. And it's a feeling borne of an experience that never disappoints.

It's Thursday and it's been a quick moving week so far.  That, by the way, is I joke one of the only downsides to living one's bliss: time seems to fly and go by way too quickly!  I awoke today to attend my first meeting with a group I am just starting with: a spiritual community I can't wait to share more with you about.  Suffice it to say it was a wonderful meeting of the hearts and minds and I can't wait to become more involved in this effort.

Finding a spiritual 'home' as I said to the members of the group, has been a lifelong journey of mine on this earth.  I really haven't had a consistent 'earth home' that fit what I felt about myself spiritually, but this group and their efforts are perhaps the most I've ever resonated with, if you will.

You see, we humans have complicated life on earth much too much.  But that complexity IS actually part of the plan and indeed necessary - because it is in contrast to who we truly are: simple, yet eternal beings.  I don't, by the way, always 'believe' in an afterlife/afterlives. I've spent a great deal of my adult life questioning and turning away from organized religions and traditional spiritual communities and ways.

But, as I continue to grow and listen to my heart on this issue of religion, I feel the point is not to make some 'spiritualities' good or bad, but to be honest about what resonates for me.  What resonates for my neighbor or family member is not my business.  It is a great image to think of all of us climbing up the same mountain, but from various view points.  The good news is that all view points have merit and deserve respect, especially even when we disagree with them.

It takes courage to follow one's bliss.  The world will challenge you along that path.  You shouldn't do this or that.

As I was reminded in one of my client sessions this week with someone who is deeply invested in reaching a particular goal, trust, that if it is right for you at this time, it will happen.

Sorry if you felt I went a bit 'woo-woo' on today's post.  Like I said, there is a reason and it is so.  You needed to read this today apparently.  We all fit together, like one big puzzle.