Following the Call of Your Heart

05 Aug

There is a hungry beast inside of you.  She wants to be heard.  Chances are you've kept him locked up inside, because someone told you that you had to.

But no more.  Listen to the call from inside of you.  That beast is love.  There is no other 'call' inside of you, if you get down to your core.

This is where truth reigns.  Where clarity be.  There can be no mistaking.

It's a strong yet gentle song.  If you are hearing anger or hate, that's not your heart.  That's love's opposite: fear.

We've all heart the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.  Sometimes that's true.  But it's also true the opposite of love is all of the results of fear expressed.

Our minds are sacred.  They can be used for good or bad.  A mind without soul is like a country without education.

For way too long now, there are too many ideologies that have led us astray.

Truth can be hard to discern.  Many present lies as said truth.

We need more ethics, character building and spirituality working with science.  We need less of religion.  All of those ideologies have led us into fear.

Fear of our creator, whatever that is?  That has been our downfall.

That's man's doing.  Not our hearts.

Learning to listen to our soul, underneath all of it's opposite takes time and cultivation.  Time to create a closer, more authentic relationship with yourself.  To stand up for what you understand to be your 'highest self'.  To cultivate love devoid of fear, of ego, of corrupt power.  Time to uproot irrational ideologies not based in love or truth.

If you are ready to do that work, reach out to me.

One person a time, this world becomes a more hopeful place.

Lastly, my heart is heavy today as I am sure yours is.  Another weekend of senseless violence on our shores.  May the powers that have our best in mind work towards making these tragedies a part of healing, so that the loss of lives wasn't in vain.

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