Growing 'finer' with age (in more ways than one)

All of us ARE growing finer with age.  Even yours truly.  And it feels refreshing.

Take this example: For the very first time, I flirted on Facebook with straight friend!  OMG.  Hell is going to freeze over me thinks!!! I was looking at my Facebook news page today and noted a beautiful high school classmate (who is gay friendly I might add), posted pictures of herself getting ready to go out on a date with her new hubby on Valentine's Day.

In the past, I would've just hit the 'like' button.  But for some reason, today I took it a step further: 

I literally 'flirted' a bit with her.  In a very mild way, of course.  It wasn't anything serious.  She's married.  But for me a big step. 

You see, we gay people are thought of as such freaks, we know it.  So we usually feel pretty weird expressing any 'hint' of our sexuality in public and with friends and family know either aren't gay affirmative and sadly, even with those who are, because we always expect to be 'rejected', meaning: thought of as a creep.

My friend hasn't responded yet, but, knowing her, she can handle it!  I hope she feels just that much prettier knowing I think she's great.