Hold Life Firmly Yet Gently

We've all heard the story of someone who clings too tightly to anything in this life: that when we do it often slips through our hands.

That is also true of our thoughts: like the experienced meditator who tells the newbie to not become upset when thoughts enter one's mind the minute one tries to empty it.  Just let those thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky.

What part of us is it that wants us to believe we ARE our thoughts?  What part of us is it that doesn't want us to admit a thought is less than what it could be? Certainly many of us automatically believe and define ourselves by the themes inherent in our thoughts.  Our worldview does seem to take a shape.

But it's true that we are not our thoughts.  We can change them.  Because narrow perspectives, that is hanging on to one thought when we know it's no longer worth it.