How well do you know what makes YOU tick?

20 May

It's Monday and I'm in my work groove.  It feels wonderful.  Sometimes now that flow 'leaves' me and I need - instead of panicking - to remind myself my heart and mind needed the 'time away' so I can return to my creativity and productivity refreshed.

What do I mean by a 'work groove'?  It means I get up mid morning (usually somewhere between 8a-10a unless I've been up late creating - more on that later).  I enjoy a cup of coffee and I hit my books.  Which is the computer, usually.

Somewhere in the flurry of work I do during this time I realize I am hungry so I will fix something for breakfast.  I am learning about myself at this time in my life that the hours 9a-12noon or so (sometimes I go later), I am best working ON my business/work.  Then if I have clients that day, I usually am working IN my business by talking with my clients between 1p-9p.

This process is starting to feel very smooth and healthy for me.  An example of understanding how I 'tick' versus giving in to the pressures outside myself to be different.  It's an honoring of both my natural ways and talents and my current limits, physically, emotionally, etc.

I like the idea of working ON and IN, a way of visualizing your business for success I learned about years ago.  A solo-business owner like me always needs to be sure to do both.

I am right now listening to a twice monthly group call of fellow business owners whose work is either personal growth or development services like me or some sort of life or business coaching.  The coach who leads it is fabulous - I actually don't even know his name, but he is a protege of the business coach I am working with more directly.

I am working ON starting to ramp up the type of group coaching services best fit me to deliver.  That includes finding those clients who are perfect for what I will be offering.

I am thinking I will run the group from mid-July to end of August.  Fall is always a good time for motivation but labor day is also when people tend to get too distracted.

I will lead a small group of clients for six weeks before the fall busy-ness sets in.

The group's purpose will be increasing happiness and life fulfillment.  

I am super excited about going into such deep conversations and connection with those ready to 'hear' and take from what I offer.  It is what 'turns me on' and is aligned with my life purpose.

MORE DETAILS TO COME...or if you can't wait, give me a holler 410-967-3848.

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