If you watch one program on sex and love this year, let this be the one!

“The best things in life make you sweaty.”
― Edgar Allan Poe 

I've been a couples, marital and relationship therapist and coach for many years.  Recently in fact I've stepped back from working with couples because, frankly you need to have double the energy during sessions (makes sense right?) and after years of that 'hard work' I needed a well earned break from it.

So if you come to me now as an individual client and couples issues arise, I will refer you to the best in class of love and relationship therapists and coaches I know.

However, the topics of love, sex and romance are never far from my plate, so to speak.  While I am focusing my work on individuals and groups right now, I am often asked by my clients for help in this realm.  So I definitely talk relationships with most of my clients eventually!  I love the topic of love and sex education and want to do my part to dispel myths and improve our sex and love intelligence!

Speaking of which, two of the most fun, knowledgeable and sought after experts on these topics are Dr. Esther Perel and Dan Savage.  I found the following hour long presentation to be one of the best I've seen from each and hey - this video is a '2 for the price of 1"!

Be forewarned however: because both speak in the following video as authentic as they are, you may blush a bit.  Especially Dan, who loves to be blunt (some would say crass).  In fact, I think he loves to provoke, but it is done in a totally 'for our benefit' way!  In fact, Dan would make a great therapist, because he understands this principle of shock value and it's ability to change us in good ways.

If you watch only one video in 2019 that concerns love and sex, make this one it.  Dr. Perel is not American (in fact she knows nine languages!) and she has some amazing perspectives as to what is wrong with the way we teach (or neglect to teach) sex ed in this country.  

Again, this video reminds me how prudish we are in America.  To our detriment.

Be sure to comment away afterwards, I would love to hear your thoughts and questions.