It's NOT politics as usual

So I'm being pulled further into commenting here on my blog about American politics.  And it's not without reservation.  The whole thing is so 'charged' with risk I'd rather not, but, I feel I must again speak.

Last night was our annual State of the Union (#SOTU) speech, given by current president, Donald J. Trump.

The entire 2020 SOTU event was a doozy!

Why?  Because it's just the result of the larger trends currently holding hostage of our U.S. political process.

Here's my premise: despite what frustrations people have had about our politics and politicians - pre 2015 or so - the last few years is not 'business as usual'.  Our politics have become so much worse.  When my smart aunt was so upset during the 2016 holidays, right after DJT was elected, I didn't realize then like I do now how right she was.

So okay, let me give you an example: President Trump awarded a presidential 'medal of freedom' last night during the ceremony. That's not totally unprecedented.  However, the choice of recipient was: Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh?  The Limbaugh who has, since the late 1980's, ran a very partisan, far right leaning radio show that has hated on so many?  Yes, that Rush Limbaugh.  To me, DJT's choice is all you need to know about this man.  By that I mean Donald Trump.

Trump and Limbaugh could be brothers.  Or partners in crime.  In a sense, they already are. 

Rush believes liberalism can't succeed because it's 'rooted in grievance'.  And today's republican Trump-ism isn't?