Living, Working, Loving and Playing to Your Strengths

17 Jul

Be kind to yourself and others, because everyone you meet 
(including yourself) is fighting a hard battle. 
- Barb Elgin (with credit to Plato)

Okay so the title of today's post may seem a mouthful.  And yet, I think it captures 'the essence' of what I stand for in supporting my clients.  You see, it simplifies things and 'gets to the point'.

Reality bites.  Most of us are to some degree fighting our own battles (yes, we're all fighting more than one).  Whether it be the siblings who don't talk and realize they feel similarly - like the brother who feels alone in his family and mistakenly thinks he is the black sheep of the family because his mom doesn't accept him for being trans or gay or his sister who too deals with low self esteem and depression as an adult partly because her mom criticized her both in childhood and to this day, each is struggling to accept him or herself regardless of what his or her parents think of them as well as live their life to their best potential.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to have been raised by parents with a high level of conscious awareness, parenting education and skill, but chances are we have some other big obstacle to overcome.

Some of us are great at work but we struggle at home.  This, by the way, happens to a lot of successful career women.

You may dream of a certain celebrity's life.  But you have no idea what you might be 'wishing for'.

The bottom line is that you need to play well the cards you've been dealt.  Plain and simple.  And, the good news is: each and every one of us has good cards in our hands, we just need to identify which ones we do have, and focus on playing them to the best of our abilities. And that includes adding in a large dollop of self acceptance for those times when no matter what we do, we don't catch a break or get a fair shake!

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