Managing your time successfully as a business owner equals freedom and independence!

Earlier this year I wrote a post on time management, where I boiled it down to three simple strategies.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, wiser or both, but I stand by them still.  Why?  Today, people tend to complicate things. Myself for example, as it struck me today while doing a time management activity: organizing my business favorites saved in Chrome to make my processes more seamless.

It occurred to me - as my practice continues to get busier and grow - that I must always as a solo practitioner keep focused on balancing service with marketing.  So where does 'learning' fit into those two activities?  Right answer: neither.  You see, learning is something I love and with the internet giving me so much at my fingertips I too get pulled in.  If there is one internet addiction I suffer from as a therapist, coach and business owner it would be: being a sponge, sucking in as much as I can.  I tend to save too much that later I don't really use.

So as you learn from my mistakes, be sure you are saving the lion's share of your time and energy on what lays the golden eggs of your business: marketing and service.  For one, if no one knows you exist, you won't be found.  And, once you are found, if you don't serve them well, they leave.

Trust that you 'know enough' to serve.  Especially that, if you are a therapist.  Now, the marketing piece: that's another animal entirely.  We are constantly pulled to learn various tools we are using.  But be sure to notice what's working and keep doing more of that instead of adding more tools.  You may not even need them!

Now your learning for today is done!  Get back to sharing your gifts/what you do and serving your clients well!

Happy holidays - safe travels and partying this 4th of July!