The connection between job stress and obesity

Wow, now this - the association between job stress and obesity - is a 'stress-related' and important topic!  I have been binge-ing a bit on Timothy Caulfield's Netflix series 'User's Guide to Cheating Death'.  The last episode I remember watching in Season One is about dieting. He reported at the outset that the average woman has tried 63 diets!  Wow, that is so telling isn't it, particularly if you are reading this and you are a woman.

Another stress and health-related reason I want to delve more into this topic is that we know so little about what truly causes and worsens obesity.  Apparently, the medical system thinks it's just 'eat less of better foods and move more'.  The problem with that 'model' is that it is no more successful long term than the fad diets and the dieting companies we see out in the marketplace. That's right - you end up losing the weight but then you are unable to sustain the weight loss and tend to gain all of it (and then some) back.

The bottom line is that the system then keeps reverting back to 'blaming the individual' instead of studying the subject more thoroughly and coming up with more options for treatment that lasts other than of course the medical system's number one solution to everything (after medications of course): surgery!

Luckily there is a solution or two emerging that might offer real, lasting help.  But these are unknown to mainstream medicine and are of course not yet usually covered by insurance so that individuals can afford it.

I'll be saying much, much more on this vital topic!