The Impact of Daily Commuting on Your Health

There is a reason I am trying my best to avoid long work commutes in my later career years.  For years, I too was caught up in that hamster wheel.  I knew it was super bad for my health and I am glad now greater light is being shed on this problem which faces today's worker.

Do you know what your endless commuting time is doing to you?  Did you know the average driver in big cities may spend as much as 90 hours a year just sitting in traffic, not even moving!*

Did you know that a 25 minute one way commute adds up to the loss of 204 hours of your precious time a year (just a little over 8 days)? **

And here are just a few of the health problems that can develop amongst those with long commutes: high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, and raised blood sugar.

Does anyone care about you and your health?  Well, as they say no one cares for you like you care for yourself.  And if you don't, no one else will.  So you must do the 'heavy lifting' to turn this barge around!

You could change jobs and find work that is within 15-20 minutes from home.  Seriously.  Your body and your mind will thank you! I know that's a radical move for many.  How about asking your employer to 'work share' - give you time to work from home?  Or how about moving closer to work?

You should also consider getting engaged in your community to improve traffic conditions.  The answers aren't simple or easy but they are possible.

* "5 Ways Your Commute is Hurting Your Health: No one likes being stuck in traffic. But a daily, stressful slog into the office can be more than just an inconvenience".  By Amanda MacMillan,

**"10 things your commute does to your body".  Time, February 2014.