The New Better Off - How I Know I'm Not Going Crazy

On my 'sheroes' journey, I of course look for myself in reality.  After all, this is healthy.  So when I hit my 50's and started physically 'burning out', I was wondering if others felt the way I do.  And, to my surprise, yes, there are many others - including those MUCH YOUNGER THAN me saying that the mainstream way of American living wasn't working for them.

One of those bright, young folks is Courtney Martin.  I look to her as a mentor younger than me!  She's written a book on her life's journey so far and trust me, she 'gets it' when it comes to living a SANER life in today's world.

She titled her book and her mission the 'New Better Off' because she's created in her life a way of being that is just beautiful if you ask me.  She lays to rest in her book the many myths about the old white picket fence.  Such as that it's the end goal or something to aspire to.  In today's world, for her and most of her friends, having that fence is beyond reach.  

However, before you pity her know that, in the process of losing the fence she gained something much more satisfying: a life built around value not ambition and a rush to 'keep up with the Joneses'.

I hope you'll take some 'hard earned' time off to read Courtney's book.  It will change your life.