Time to Get Into the Blue Zone

A few years back, a popular story started to be told about 'Blue Zones'.  Blue Zones are areas in the world where people are healthiest and living longest.  Certainly something many of us want to know more about.

The same group of researchers who discovered these zones decided to see if they could turn any area into a Blue Zone.  They embarked on a research project which ultimately led to average lifespan increases of 3.1 years!

Here are the key behaviors people in blue zones regularly engage in:

  • Getting exercise throughout the day
  • Living a low-stress life
  • Having a sense of life purpose
  • Eating less
  • Eating more plants than meat
  • Supporting family
  • Forming meaningful, healthy friendships
  • Having a sense of community
  • Drinking less alcohol

These practices are totally in sync with what I am practicing and hope you will do more of too.