'Tis the Season, Live it Well

As I write this blog post - I'm in the midst, like all of you - in the activities of the season!  Even while it may actually be the season to 'go more inward, rest and slow down'.

Life is like that.  Opposing tensions.  As such, I hope that you can honor your need for self care too during this bustling time of year.  Your physical and mental health depends on it.

This picture is one of many warm memories I have of 2019.  In it are four dogs rescued by a friend in Florida.  This kindred spirit inspires me so and, while I know that rescuing these older and sicker babies takes a special selfless-ness, I'm sure the secret is in the sauce: he gets back so much more than he gives I'll wager! I absolutely love the dog rescue work I am able to do and it is one of the activities that gives me joy and happiness.

If you are blessed enough to spend most of this time of year happy and loved, do not forget to share that love and happiness with those who are struggling to experience same.

Last night I was fortunate to catch the documentary The Minimalists.  Wow, I feel blessed.  This documentary, and, in particular the two young men that inspired it, resonated. For what they are being and doing is also what I've been living and teaching in the past few years.

In 2020, part of my mission in my work is to reach out and connect more like myself and the Minimalists.  Bring them together to support you in living a life that is simpler, allows you to restore yourself and gives you greater joy.

Below are a couple of friends I've known for decades.  Their loving relationship and their care taking of 'Mother Earth' is real and they 'walk their talk'.  They remind me to stand up for saving our planet and reminding others to do the same.  Let's not let a minority politicize this incredibly important issue.

As we move into a new decade, I am excited to be able to continue to share the messages I believe and feel are vital to your health and happiness today and moving forward.

I want to thank you for being a part of my world.  You make my life full of purpose and good cheer.