Top concerns of today's women ages 50 and Beyond

It wasn't that long ago when women didn't live long enough to enjoy being queen!  When women's roles went from maiden to mom to crone.  But now we have this 4th stage of womanhood.

Where do I start?  I can list as many concerns as there are 50 plus women!  But I wanted to share what I think are central concerns to all of us in our rapidly evolving world.  And I consciously chose the word 'concern' not fear because right away it's a more resilient stance to take.

It's definitely not the world our moms and grandmothers aged out in~

Here's a list of the five most important concerns I believe we as women need to cultivate as we enter the 50 plus chapters of our lives:

I.  Health

I am sure I won't get much argument here.  Without good health, longevity is less attractive isn't it?  When I speak of health I am referring to the whole mind, body and spirit.  All three are equally important.

I learn from and connect to many great experts and practitioners in this arena.  I will be introducing you to some of them, particularly when their suggestions are super valuable to us.  I also bring lots of professional and personal experiences to my opinions on these topics.

II.  Money

Yes, it's true we can live more simply and hoard our pennies better.  We'll be talking about that a great deal here.  But there is a point at which we need to avoid falling below. We'll be exploring this topic constantly given that the rate of poverty amongst senior women is staggering. I hope to be able to put some sort of 'dent' into that statistic.

III.  Relationships/Social Supports

This area covers everything from family to romantic partner to co-worker and beyond.  The research is very very clear about how important it is to have a vibrant social life.  We don't have to be a 'life of the party' type, but we do need to find our 'sweet spots' in this realm.

IV.  Contribution to the Greater World 

This area includes career, given most of the women reading this are probably healers in one form or another.  It also includes motherhood, grand motherhood and beyond.  Generativity is also a good word that captures this life area.  

V.  Self Love

I don't mean this is least important, but it is the well from which areas I-IV springs.  This area of life includes cutting up, letting go and having lots of fun.  After all, most of the other areas are work, baby!  For this life area you get to kick back and pamper yourself.  Internally and externally.  So you feel attractive inside and out.  This area includes cultivating your favorite type of spirituality as well.

More to come on opportunities to gain support for all of these concerns!

So don't fear the passing of the years, embrace them as new chapters for adventure.