Trusting Yourself

Those of us on this journey of salvaging a life worth living know that settling for a job that saps our creative spirit or ties us down to a schedule that prevents us from taking good enough care of ourselves dream to break free from that which we don't want to create a life that is more of what we do want.

I use the word salvage even though some would say that's negative.  But it's the right word. Because we are out there on the fringes, we are truly courageous people still trying to honor our souls.  

Freedom isn't free

Those of us who have chosen this hero's journey have felt the truism that freedom isn't free. Charting out on your own is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling, because it IS the best expression of a human's inner brilliance.  But it's also riskier.

I wouldn't trade the experience for just about anything else, however.  How do I know that?

Because those of us choosing the open oceans, the unexplored seas, are learning to trust in ourselves.  And if you believe in a creator, trust in him or her also.

Trust that the 'soul' of what you are committing to, has your back.

Safe travels!