Two minds bent on fixing our health care system: Dr. Peter Attia interviews Hopkins doc Marty Makary, M.D.

Being one of those entrepreneurial, creative minds in my field, I like to learn from those types in other professions.  That's why I love Dr. Peter Attia's work and I've blogged about him before.  Today, I have him back because of his recent podcast on fixing the health care system as he interviews Hopkins doc Marty Makary, M.D., whose work inspired creation of the TV show 'The Resident'.

This Attia podcast - as usual - is long but worth listening to.  Dr. Attia is just as sick of the gouging of today's system as you and I are.  As he says in the podcast intro...

"I get so frustrated hearing statistics such as the one where one in four breast cancer patients treated a year ago are today being tracked down by collection agencies for their medical bills".

I hope you will listen, because there is much to learn.  I know that I get very frustrated by those who've only been patients in the system trying to suggest solutions.  Yes, the patient view is vitally important.  But it's not enough!  Those working in the system have the 360 degree view.  They've been both patients and providers.  They are the ones to tap into when evolving our system into a better place.

As we head to the 2020 election, it's more important than ever whether you are a health care professional, patient or both, to learn more so that you can speak intelligently with others about the topic and so that you can make a wise choice next November.