What battles are worth fighting for

"Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls." - Melody Beattie 

We've all heard it before: choose your battles carefully.

It's advice I like and try to follow more often.  How about you?  After all, if everything you did, you pursued like you were in a war, you'd burn out awfully quick.

It's such a trap to believe you can fix everything and everyone.  Don't I know it!

So what battles do you wage?  The simple, wisest answer is thus...Only the battles related to your core purpose.

You know what those core values are, do you not?

I know that I've often not been living in unison with my deepest held values.  In fact, none of us is perfect.  But we'd do well to stay aligned as much as we can.

I just watched a movie tonight Crazy, Rich Asians.  Have you seen it?  The morale of the movie is powerful: stand up for what is most important to you.  That your ways ARE worthy, even if you are coming up against strong powers that want to disempower you.  

If you aren't clear what your deepest values are, make sure you spend some time doing so.  It takes a lot of honesty and courage to get this real, but the rewards are wonderful.