What happens when you feel you 'can't keep up'?

I know I've been feeling it for a few years now, the pace of change happening all around me.  It's an exciting time to be alive.  In the past five years a lot has fallen away (like marriage inequality) and a lot has back-lashed too (witness the Trump era)!

As a social worker, I'm trained to work on environmental change.  And that I advocate for, it's in me.  However, most of the time social change 'takes time', often not what people are willing to invest in today.  Too bad.

But in the meantime, there is lots you and I can do to make our lives better, even if we wish we made more, our bills were less and there was more peace in the world.

The thing we are most able to control is our mindset.  Yes, that may sound a bit dry, so let me add some heart too.  There is a lot you and I can do to take charge of our life experience.  Seriously!

I'm going to be sharing more and more about that, but in the meantime just know: there is always hope.  Hope is not silly or naive.  And mental health services are only starting to get the attention they deserve.  After all, advocates for mental wellness have been agitating for decades to improve care, training, job opportunities and treatment.  It takes time and momentum is growing.

Now with advances in technology, I am more excited than ever at the assistance I have to help you!

So the next time it seems life is speeding by and you are tempted to try and 'catch up', get off on the next exit and travel the route you want not the one you think you must.