What optimizes your response to stress?

Stress gets a bad rap.  And it makes a lot of sense.

After all, aren't we over taxing ourselves today? I've certainly 'felt' that.  But is there more to the story?


How are we faring as life 'speeds up' and gets more complicated?

This is a question that intrigues me.  

Are we capable of meeting the challenges of today?

Stay tuned and stay relaxed.

As I go through my days, where I challenge myself - in my work, in my relationships and in my mind, body and spirit - I remember my last therapist - A psychologist I worked with a few months back in Florida - and his voice, planted forever in my brain somewhere.  I don't just remember the word...


But I remember the deep, relaxing and soothing tone of his voice.

That technique, learned over the course of a few repetitions in therapy has made a difference as I go through my days.  And reinforced in the entire experience I spent with him.  Those hot summer days when I went inside that healing cocoon.  A simple act of self care, a vital 'time out' I made for myself.

Do you use such a word or phrase?  Do you now find you automatically use a simple yet powerful technique when needed?  A technique you are willing to share, using the comments section below?