When Right IS Wrong

I am going to have a good time writing this post - to keep it short but powerful.  I was talking to someone very close to me recently who lamented how it felt to not be the 'golden child' the one who 'always does what their parents want'.

It's a great lament. I know that for the most part I didn't do what society said was 'right' in my life.  Even up till now as I approach 60 and decide that given my lower energy and stress, I can no longer physically 'do' the standard 9 to 5.  And that work has to work around me for once instead of me having to work around it.

The littered streets from those 'doing right' tells us the truth: couples who married because their parents approved: how many are still married or even better: married and happy?

Those who became the rich doctor or lawyer to make someone else happy: where are they today?

Yes, it is important to underlie our dreams with practical plans.  I am not arguing that.  I haven't experienced that our dreams 'just happen' if we just believe enough.  I know that because I tried that path.

But there is one path in the middle, the path of courage, some call it the 'road less traveled'  that knows when right is wrong for them.  When I was a young adult for example, in the early 1980's, I knew I wasn't about to marry a man to make others happy.  I knew better than that.  I knew that wasn't likely to last.