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01 Jun

I love my Facebook.  I am not likely to give it up. On a serious note, I have closed it down for days at a time, after particularly toxic interchanges with political rivals and I do joke that I may sign off one day soon as I get older and don't want to see all my friends 'pass on'.

But on a somewhat snarky-serious note, Facebook is addictive and this Baby Boomer does tend to fall into two of the four types of Facebook users a recent study announced.

If I were younger, I bet I'd be more of a selfie user.  Being past my physical looks prime, sometimes it's just too much work to pretty up a bit to go on the record and no, I do have enough self esteem (not ego) to not show my worst side for all to see. That's as honest as I can get.

I believe I am a 'hybrid' Facebook user.

I am definitely a 'town crier'.  I in fact used to think that term when I thought about my use so it was kind of neat to see it validated in the study.  The article I linked to doesn't give town criers a very positive read, however.  I do a bit more 'curating' of what I share than the offhand way this author swipes at town criers.  I've definitely found lots of validation with my posts and started many a good thread.  I like educating this way, if anyone cares!

I also am a 'relationship builder'.  I love connecting and building bridges on Facebook.  I can give you numerous examples, from my relationship with animal rescuers (in Maryland and beyond) and with my younger relatives.  I am active in the pickleball world, building ties all the time.  I love sharing the snark because it helps others (and myself) to laugh at the ironies that life is full of.  There is more but that gives you a flavor for what I'm up to.

I wish lurkers as I call them - the study calls them window shoppers - would open up and share more.  So many of them I know have thoughtful things to say - especially when it comes to politics - but their egos won't let them as they don't want to be judged/and or more fully 'known'.  

So how about yourself?  Where do you fall?  If you aren't already a Facebook friend, I invite you to connect with me here.

Okay, so this was for some 'light, fun' reading on a Saturday!

Enjoy your weekend...

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