Why We Don't Remember the Afterlife

As a deeply non-organized religious person, I am still spiritual. I am still skeptical that all that I am and all that I see and hear and feel around me 'just evolved'.

I happened to reading some words from a researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring, the other day.  He is an expert in the area of NDE's or Near Death Experiences.  I remember reading him years ago when I was investigating the theory of reincarnation.

So I have re-found him in my internet travels and he was sharing his experiences with psychedelics in helping the terminally ill deal with dying.

It got me to thinking about one question that bothers me when I think about 'is there any point to all of this' other than having evolved out of the ocean: perhaps the creator doesn't let us remember past lives and life beyond this life because if we knew or remembered how amazing it was (according to accounts of those like Ring who experienced NDE's or psychedelic trips), we'd leave here immediately!

I think this makes utter sense.  I know that there have been times in my life where I wondered if there was an 'easier' and happier place to be without so much effort.

The traditionally religious believe in their idea of god and they don't dare 'test' this idea.  They have total faith there is an after life and they are usually content waiting till death - which they see as pre-destined by what god wants.  So they 'put up with' the trials and tribulations of this life until 'god no longer needs them to'.

Much more to come from me on the topic of spirituality.