Winning Isn't Everything

"If there's no breaking then there's no healing, and if there's no healing then there's no learning." - One Tree Hill 

If you are an American and reading this post, no doubt you too have been watching the current stalemate between our president and congress. Maybe you are even one of the 800,000 government workers in limbo as a result.  The government 'partial shutdown' is now into it's 30-something day.

On Facebook, my mostly liberal friends and I have been discussing the issue now for weeks too.  People are blasting the president for 'acting like a king' and frankly, the Trump family (and administration - most of whom are millionaires and billionaires) show how out of touch they are with reality and the plight of the common man.

I've been arguing that regardless of what Trump wants, the democrats must find some middle ground on which to agree versus winning.  Winners on the democratic side are no better than a winner on Trump's behalf.

Compromise is sometimes said to be 'both lose'. Or, lose-lose.

I think compromise is a form of 'win-win' if done right.  As long as both negotiate from equal power positions.

We are a society that values the winner and ignores the loser.  So much I can say here.  Yes, when it comes to 'winning against yourself' when you, say, get a degree or improve your golf game, I'm all for that.

But there are so many times when you think you've 'won' but you've actually 'lost'.  Remember those times?  I can give you countless examples when winning hasn't been everything at all.  Some situations where I bet people will tell you they even 'regretted' they won.

Shared winning can also be the most satisfying.

What say you Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump?