Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a high quality, positive working relationship formed between a coach and a client.  Clients are usually looking to improve their already vibrant lives, personally and/or professionally.

I work to empower my clients to develop a closer relationship with him or herself with the goal of them caring for themselves more and thus becoming more of the person they want to be in the world.

I can help you in any number of ways to improve your performance, on the job, in your career or in your personal life. Work and relationships today are complex.  And family members and friends aren't always as versed or skilled at helping you find your way most successfully.

I have spent my entire career honing my relationship and communications skills.  It's also an area I love to explore.  This makes me rich with ways of helping you.  

Staying centered and being your best you is sometimes very trying in today's world.  I get that. You don't have to be perfect.  You just want to 'do you' more often.  Then you will be happiest.

I also specialize in the studies of flow and life/work balance.  If you aren't spending most of your days in 'flow' you are likely unhappy.  I can help.

While I work with anyone who resonates with what I offer, I also specialize in the following areas:

Healers/Health Care Professionals/Caregivers - Are you a very competent and caring healing professional or direct care clinician, such as a psychotherapist, counselor, massage therapist, psychologist, physician or nurse who still has a heart, but you find yourself 'hitting a wall' in your career?  Are you finding you can no longer physically and/or emotionally take the punishing pace, corporate politics and heartless practice environments in many of today's health care workplaces? Are you ready to find another way? I am doing so and you can too. 

No Burnout Living - Everyone Seeking a Slower, More Satisfying Pace of Living - Americans work harder and longer than people in healthier, happier, financially sound countries.  This is not a badge of honor, but a burden that is being placed on white collar, middle class professionals as well as all workers.  The grueling pace in today's workplaces are creating higher rates of emotional and physical illness.  Add to that issues like the overpopulation of cities, heavy traffic, house and family responsibilities and more and it's time to draw a line and take your life back. Ready to join me?

Athletic/Leadership Performance Coaching - As a fellow athlete and leader, Barb understands the roles well.  Perhaps you are a trainer or certified coach working to build your business and attract clients.  Barb can help you be your best self under sales and coaching situations that will help you find and retain clients.  Or, perhaps you are an athlete working to up your 'mental game'.  You may not be all about winning but you want to make friends not enemies in your sport. Barb specializes in 'sportsmanship' coaching.


What education and experience do I offer?  I've been a life coach for almost 20 years now.  I trained with several schools back in the early days of my coaching life including: Ben Dean, Coachville, Marion Franklin and The Relationship Coaching Institute.  I've worked with clients all over the United States.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching and consulting are NOT therapy.  Barb does not provide crisis services. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest ER.