Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Barb Elgin overcomes so many obstacles each and every day and you can too!  

Starting with shyness and anxiety, let's add coming out gay in the 1970's. Since then, she's overcome dozens of hurdles, faced failure and yet, she still keeps plugging, with lots of wisdom to share.

A successful professional for over 30 years, Barb wants to tell you that personal success is the 'big' ticket.  Barb doesn't care if you are a CEO, a janitor, a celebrity or an IT whiz, you are a person first. Whether you made a million dollars last year or $0, you have personal gifts to share with the world.  A world that needs you even more than it needs your ability to do good works or feed your ego!

First off you need you.  After hearing Barb speak, you will be inspired to become as Neale Donald Walsh once said 'the next greatest version' of yourself.  Why do it?  Because it feels so much better than not doing it.  You'll see.  Barb will show you how.

Barb Elgin MSW, LCSW-C has experience speaking to small and medium-sized groups. She's spoken at business chamber events, for companies, churches and other professional, recreational and social groups.  Earlier in her career she provided services in the workplace on a wide variety of topics including stress management and communication skills as well as post-traumatic event debriefings. 

Barb Elgin is a perfect speaker for your event if your group wants to interact during Barb's presentation.  Barb uses an 'experiential, improvisational' style of speaking which means you will leave the event having been a part of creating it!

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