Online Psychotherapy, Video Counseling and EAP Counseling

Online Psychotherapy, Video Counseling and EAP Counseling


As a mental health professional with over 30 years of hard won personal and professional experience, I invite you to work with me to claim YOUR emotional wellness.

All of us, at some point in our lives, run into a challenge - be it a job change, a layoff, a marital problem or a divorce, an illness, a loss or failure of a business, parenting stresses, the death of a loved one, trying to make the transition from one major life stage to another (such as college to young adulthood, midlife, or adulthood to senior-land) or whatever - that stretches you to the max.

And, life today, all on it's own - in spite of all of the changes I suggested above - with it's frenetic pace and chronic pressures - is enough on it's own to send us batty.

You need solid skills to cope in today's world.  I know because I am right in there with you, living the good life, all while fighting the good fight too!

My story is full of losses, failures, and victories. I've built a resilient self in this life and I can help you do the same.

In fact, I am moving into a life transition right now where I am working more from home, hence, about 80% of my practice right now is delivered virtually, by phone and video conferencing.

I've found that I'm 'in time' with many of my clients who need the convenience of therapy 'on the fly'. But don't let that fool you: it's not where the therapy is done, it is HOW it's done.  It's the relationship we build that is most important to your success in treatment and translating that into real world success.  And that is my passion.


I accept the following insurances: Medicare, Carefirst, Humana, TriCare Military, United Healthcare, Cigna and OPTUM.  I also take lots of EAP's.

And I also accept out of network and standard fee for service.


No problem.  You may be able to benefit from my coaching services.

TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP:  Click here to arrange a no obligation phone call right now and learn more about working together to help you 'do YOU' better!