Online Counseling for Boomers & Gen X'ers

Are you a middle-aged Generation X’er struggling with the emotional, financial, and social aspects of aging in a world that is rapidly changing? Or, are you a Baby Boomer witnessing your social network of friends, coworkers, and family members getting older, moving or slowly disappearing?

Online Counseling for Boomers & Gen X'ers
Do You Want To Make The Most Of The Years To Come?

Have you spent so much time focusing on work and pursuing success that you’ve never really stopped to ask yourself, “What truly makes me happy”?

Are you thinking more often about your own mortality and contemplating the mark you’ve made on this world or searching for a more fulfilling spiritual connection?

In a world that seems to be growing more unfamiliar by the minute, it can be difficult for Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers to feel like we belong. We often see our wisdom and experience go unacknowledged. The younger generations busily rush and race to get things done while we recognize the value of slowing things down and enjoying life. And as we care for our ailing parents or watch our children raise families of their own, it’s only natural to look toward the future.

But knowing how to manage loss, adapt to changing relationships, and make the most of your time here can be an elusive task. Fortunately, with the convenience of online therapy, you can make tweaks and adjustments to your life that offer you greater peace, spiritual fulfillment, and the chance to find purpose and joy in every day.

What You Are Going Through Is A Natural Part Of Life’s Journey

Life is full of challenges, but aging is a very stressful process on its own. Your body is changing, energy levels are variable and sometimes diminishing, and you are suddenly realizing, Wait! I don’t have decades left to accomplish all that I set out to do. So you start to beat yourself up with self-defeating thoughts.

On the other hand, your career could be winding down, causing you to question your identity, worth, or purpose moving forward. And if you are worried about income, summoning the energy to work the nine-to-five again may feel physically impossible. The reality is, people rarely receive pensions or retire with stock in a company anymore. Instead, we are pretty much expected to work for the rest of our lives. But we still have to survive, so what are our options?

It’s also at this point in our lives that we begin to experience loss at a greater frequency. Parents grow old and eventually pass away. The children leave for college, get married, move away, and begin raising kids of their own. Our physical prowess fades and endurance levels decrease. And in addition to those changes, we also have to contend with ageism, as well as its denial and prevalence, in a society that regularly tells older folks to “pass the torch” and get out of the way.

All of this creates a tremendous amount of pressure and stress that, if left unresolved, could easily lead to other concerns, including anxiety and depression. But you don’t have to navigate these difficult challenges on your own. With a little work, I can help you find direction and hope so you can live with greater positivity and confidence.

Online Counseling Can Open Up Doors Of Opportunities

Video counseling allows you to be open and honest about the challenges you face without fear of judgment. It offers you unbiased guidance and support from a professional who can help you develop practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. Working with a kind and compassionate therapist, you can weather this stage of life with curiosity, grace, and courage.

COMPARED TO WHAT IS OUT THERE FOR YOU IN THERAPY LAND: I am offering a less rushed, more caring, impartial, and fun approach to helping my clients grow and heal. During our private, encrypted video sessions, you’ll find that (unlike some traditional therapists) I won’t rush you out of the office after 45 or 50 minutes for a waiting client. I believe that the longer we connect in a session, the deeper we can explore issues and develop strategies for achieving the life you want. And because you can engage in therapy from wherever you like, tele-therapy has the advantage of coming to you, meeting you where you are.

During our first session, I’ll do a holistic assessment of your basic mental health status just to get a feel for the stressors in your life. That may include looking at your mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, zeal for life, relationships, career fulfillment, and your feeling of happiness in general. We’ll also talk about your physical health to rule out any medical issues that may be contributing to your distress. From there, we can begin developing a plan to empower you to live in accordance with your personal vision.

As a mental health counselor, I am very strength-based and solution-focused. So when I see a problem, that’s the direction I go. For that reason, I frequently use practical problem-solving and guided imagery to coax my clients just beyond the cognitive part of their brain. My goal is to help you access your higher self—an ego-less self that knows you best and is fearless, bold, and wise. I’ll also use positive psychology to help you to better trust yourself, other people, and the world you live in.

During the last 20 years, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself. But the most important realization I have had is that this part of our lives is all about really knowing and embracing who we are. It's about identifying and savoring the memories and wisdom we've amassed. It may be that aging is challenging us to be more mindful of how we use our energy and our focus..but that does NOT mean we are done yet!

"I’ve worked with thousands of people and I know that if you believe in yourself and do the work,
 you can navigate this part of your life with confidence and peace—and maybe even excitement." - Barb Elgin

Perhaps you are considering online counseling for people 50 and older but still have some questions or concerns...

"I'm over 60 and just not used to talking to my doctor or a healthcare provider on my cell phone or computer like my grandkids! Why would I want to choose this mode of therapy?"

I've worked with many seniors who've been hesitant like you are. Then, they try online sessions and they love it! Research shows the effectiveness of video therapy is equal to therapy done in an office. The key is the relationship between the therapist and client(s), not how and where they interact. Online therapy, too, has proven to be beneficial to many clients, reaching those who live in rural areas, have mobility issues, or are unable to attend sessions because of their situation. But you don't have to be in any of these situations. All of us today are busy and most of us live in metropolitan areas like Baltimore where saving time and hassle is paramount.

Bottom line: if you've ever talked to someone via a service like FaceTime or Skype you can easily do a video session. I use an encrypted service that guarantees privacy and confidentiality unlike those two services, however. And, even if you've never spoken via video to someone, it's very easy to learn.

"I’m a younger Baby Boomer - in my late 50's - who feels like I should be able to handle things on my own."

Part of the mentality preventing you from coming in for help is a learned behavior—that is, as products of the Greatest Generation and their subsequent children, we learned that self-sufficiency is crucial. We are the embodiment of the “get it done” philosophy. But there are some things that people just need help with. And if you have been stuck in a rut for a while, it’s likely that old, entrenched thought patterns you may not be aware of are keeping you from seeing the opportunities that await you. Remember, asking for help is not an insult to your intelligence or strength; it’s an admission of your humanity.

"As an aging Gen X’er, I don’t feel like my problems are that bad, so how can E-therapy help?"

Although online counseling is a powerful form of preventative medicine for ensuring greater mental and physical well-being, it doesn’t just have to be about overcoming mental health issues. Rather, counseling can also be more like working with a life coach to help you overcome mental roadblocks, navigate challenges to success, and gain a greater awareness of your authentic self. Even if you just need someone to talk to or bounce ideas off of, life coaching or individual counseling (however you want to look at it) can help you make the most of the years to come.

Let Me Help You Take The Next Step In Your Life

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