Sports/Performance Coaching

Sports Psych Coaching can help you perform better, whether that's at home, on the job or in sports.

Sports/Performance Coaching Sports/Performance Coaching Sports/Performance Coaching
"It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place... 
it's when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood." - David Hume

Ready to gain an edge in the mental game of life?

Two of the biggest loves of my life have been psychology and sports. Long before I knew I was drawn to studying the field of emotional wellness, I played sports and daydreamed of one day being a professional athlete. Well, unfortunately this was back in the 1960's and 70's, before women had some options in that regard.

Long story short: I grew up like most of us and 'put away my toys' to 'get to work' in the world! That's when I discovered the study of human behavior and became very passionate about topics such as character, resilience and the merging of spirituality with science!

Back to earth let me explain to you how all of this applies to my sports and performance coaching. About six years ago, I took up a new sport while living in Florida called pickleball. It was easy to learn (not as easy to get better at) and very social.

So here I am several years later now and I am back in Baltimore finding new and helpful ways to combine these two loves: sports or what I call 'friendly competition' and mental health.

I've been a leader in the pickleball community. Up until recently I was a USAPA ambassador and I started a pickleball club which now has over 300 members. I've since moved on, but I still play when I can, including nearby tournaments. And, while playing I discovered that people turn to me for help in the 'mental' aspect of the game. And that includes pickleball coaches and instructors, who come to me for personal and business coaching.

In playing this 'sweet game with the sour name' I'm learning a lot about people and their mental games. Including some who apply better sportsmanship (or I like to call it 'sports-person-ship') to the game and others who don't know yet that they could improve their sportsmanship. Pickleball is a very social game and sometimes people get overly competitive and forget that. I thus spearheaded a type of consultation to groups like USAPA and other pickleball training and membership associations to promote certain rules they haven't yet adopted in the recreational areas of the sport, so that all can enjoy the sport, without injury.

Many new to the sport are new to athletics in general and don't have a reference point for how to be a great team mate/partner, for example. Well long before pickleball I excelled in softball and I bring what I learned as a young person to my philosophy as well.

I can help your mental game in ways that will help you improve your athletic performance as well and, even if you aren't an athlete - you can apply sports psychology strategies to life, relationships and work.

I offer group and individual services to help you learn what the most successful athletes practice to reach their peak performance in the sports of their choice.

There are many areas of focus including...

  • mental preparation and confidence building
  • stress control 
  • sleep-energy management routines
  • injury recovery
  • working best with team mates and doubles partners
  • how to coach female athletes to their highest performance (for male coaches)
  • cultural awareness
  • and more!
So what part of the 'mental game' in work, sports, life or love are you struggling with?  Click here and schedule a free consult and let's explore your relationship to any of the important areas of your life!  Through a relationship with me, we will untangle some knots and have you hitting your 'sweet spot' soon!