Success Stories

Over the years, Barb has helped clients far and wide. Below are just a few of her many success stories! All are unsolicited.

Domestic Partnered Female, Baltimore, MD:

I love Barb and have been seeing her for roughly 2 years now for couples therapy. She's taught me to be more honest with my boyfriend including telling him that if things don't change soon for the better for me and my daughter I may break up with him.

Domestic Partnered Female, Baltimore, MD

Professional Female:

Barb is refreshing and authentic in her approach. Her positivity is warm and welcoming. Recently my son turned 13 and starting having issues. I brought him to see her. We got more accomplished in one session with Barb than in 3 months with my previous therapist.

Professional Female

Facebook reader:

Beautiful lady with a beautiful message! I love her Facebook posts.

Facebook reader

Coaching Professional:

I am a relatively new certified sports instructor and coach. I've been working with Barb now for a few months and I am amazed - being older than her - how much wisdom I gain from talking to her. I look forward to our discussions and, as a male coach working with female athletes, her perspective is guiding me to more success at motivating them.

Coaching Professional