Where to Begin

Barb Elgin lives her life to the fullest like you do, so she understands your stress and anxiety challenges.

Stressed Out?

Are you stressed out or anxious either personally, professionally or both? Can't sleep? Finding it hard to relax? Tired yet wired?

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Management Coaching

Coaching managers and leaders to more effectively motivate and lead today's employees.

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Freelancing, Self Employed Boomers and Gen X'ers

As a freelancer myself, I support baby boomers and Gen X'ers who plan to work beyond traditional retirement age.

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Active Adults 50 and Up

Finding this stage of life challenging? And not all in the good ways?

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Pet Grief and Coping with the Emotions of Pet Ownership

Barb is an avid pet owner. Since childhood, she's had dozens of pets including dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and even a kitten or two! She's developed a practice in helping with pet grief and she's worked with a therapy animal in her practice.

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