Freelancing, Self Employed Boomers and Gen X'ers

Freelancing, Self Employed Boomers and Gen X'ers

Did you know that self employed boomers are much happier than their traditionally employed peers?*  It seems as we age, we become more desirous of the freedom independent work provides.  For many of us, we perform best at this stage of life when we can be more flexible around our energy and health's needs.

According to the AARP, more than 50 percent of the self employed workforce are boomers!  You have unique mental health needs.

As an independent professional, Barb Elgin understands your concerns.  She knows that building and sustaining a profitable business that also affords you a high quality of life, despite the increasing costs of living today, is a challenge! But not one you shy away from because the other alternative is not something you want and/or can do.

Barb will support you in reaching your personal and work goals without pulling your hair out!  She too is making the transition from her 50's and beyond.  She understands the mental health needs of today's 'young senior'.

To learn more, Barb is ready to meet with you.  DO THIS NOW:  Strike while the iron is hot!  It's easy - just set a phone appointment time that is convenient for you and you will receive a free consult to better understand how she can support you!


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*Boomers Find Satisfaction, Independence as Freelancers: They make up nearly half of the self-employed workforce, a survey finds.