Stressed Out?

Stressed Out?

"People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coasts, or in the hills.  There is nowhere a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself". - Marcus Aurelius

We live in the best of times and the worst of times.  Life and work today requires a focus, an energy level and strengths that requires your best.  That's why you are stressing. There is nothing wrong with you, but you can most likely learn some fresh new ideas on being more resilient in dealing with the challenges you face.  

Because today we are expected to do better, faster and then repeat!  

It's unhealthy frankly.  But there is much you can do to take back your life and your time.  I know because I was once in your shoes.  And I've made the courageous decision (and actions) needed to take my life back.  I've never regretted it.

So whether...

  • You have been feeling unhappy more days than not and find it hard often to greet each day with the attitude you need to succeed at your life and/or your work.
  • You wish you had enough energy to get through the day.
  • You hate your job but don't know what else you'd do.
  • You work for a toxic boss or department.
  • You're 50 plus and you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind, but you aren't able to retire yet (due to finances) or you want to work, but not where you are now.
  • You are dealing with the myriad of emotional, social, physical and/or financial stresses of any life transition.
  • You're suffering any other personal stress caused by work/life imbalance.
  • You've decided to work for yourself and you are figuring out how to make a successful living doing so.

There is hope.  I can help you remember that and help you get moving in a new direction that is healthier for you!

How does this work?  It's easy, I've created video and online counseling or coaching services for smart, busy folks just like you.  Even better?  In addition to the practical benefits of meeting with a coach or therapist online, such as time and energy saved, video sessions have been shown to be just as effective as in office meetings and, in some cases, video sessions can be even more effective.

Is tele-psychology private?  You bet.  I use an encrypted platform.  That means no Skype or Facetime!

Ready to take the next step?  Great!  Just call 410-967-384 to set an initial appointment to explore what you need to break out of your rut.


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